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Visionary Design Development Pty Ltd is an award-winning, transdisciplinary consultancy operating at the intersection of human needs and the built environment. We strive to deliver an equitable, accessible, built environment and believe that the best, people centred, outcomes result when accessibility is continuously considered from project outset to completion and beyond.

Visionary Design Development -Winner Architeam Awards 2018

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We collaborate with many different practices across planning, architecture, and design, on projects of varying scales, achieving better accessibility outcomes for everyone and satisfying regulatory requirements.

We engage with all levels of government, government agencies, and the NGO/NfP sector, internationally, nationally, and locally, to deliver comprehensive insight into built environment accessibility.

We work with Universities, Professional Associations, Disabled Peoples Organisations, and LGAs and Advocacy groups building capacity to improve built environment accessibility outcomes.

We co-create with individuals, business, NGO/NfPs, and government to achieve people-centric, accessible built environments, whether existing or new, across all stages of procurement, design, and delivery.


• Design review for Planners, Architects, and Designers

• Reporting and Certification for Planning and Building Permits

• Performance Solutions, Building Orders

• LHA Assessment



• Comprehensive built environment reporting

• Literature reviews, case studies, stakeholder analysis

• Facilitate co-operation and develop cultural/ commercial



• Workshops for LGAs, Advocacy groups

• Course writing, Lecturing, Tutoring

• Professional Development




• Accessibility focused architectural projects

• Inclusive Project Management

• Home mods (NDIS, OT, and individual projects)



Mary Ann Jackson to speak at Neighbourhood Summit (Co-Design) event.....


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Improving Accessibility in the Built Environment

The pervasive ideology of institutionalisation in the past has meant that we have inherited a built environment that is largely inaccessible to people with disability. Accessibility specialist Mary Ann Jackson outlines her important work on the assessment tools and required action for improved accessibility in the built environment.



Congratulations to Visionary Design Development and Mary Ann Jackson, winner of Architeam Award for Contribution and Innovation.


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Mary Ann Jackson Laws Article

Models of Disability  and Human Rights: Informing the Improvement of Built Environment Accessibility for People with Disability at Neighborhood Scale?


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